3 Ways Your Yard May Be Scaring Away Potential Homebuyers

landscapingWhen you sell your home, you are not just selling the house. You are also selling the yard. That means everything from the grass, to the shrubs, to the dilapidated old shed in the backyard will be meticulously scrutinized.

There are many benefits to hiring a landscaping company, especially if your property is on the market. Just basic landscaping can increase your home’s resale value by 14%. It can also shorten the period of time your home is on the market, sometimes by as much as six weeks. That is why nearly 90% of real estate agents advise homeowners to invest in landscaping services before selling.

If you suspect that your yard is chasing away potential buyers, take a look at these three common mistakes and learn how you can easily use landscaping to increase your home’s market value.

  1. Your yard looks unkempt. It is important to remember that your yard contributes to your home’s curb appeal. If buyers don’t like what they see on the outside, they may not even want to check out the inside. Think of it this way: your yard is the first impression your home makes. If nothing else, at least make sure your grass is mowed and your shrubs are trimmed. Overgrown shrubs can block the windows and decrease the amount of light in the home, which isn’t very appealing to homebuyers looking for bright open spaces.
  2. Your yard looks high-maintenance. Believe it or not, you can overdo it with the landscaping. Buyers want to see a beautiful, well-maintained yard, but if it looks like it will be too difficult to take care of, all that anticipated work could be a major turnoff. Gardens are lovely, but front lawns overtaken by vast flowerbeds and delicate trees can mean high costs and hours of labor.
  3. Your yard looks unsafe. Water features like koi ponds not only scream high-maintenance, they can also pose a safety hazard for families with young children. Parents may worry that their little kids could fall into the pond and drown. Also, if you have large trees too close to your house with branches extending above the roof, this could also spell out disaster if a storm were to hit.

If you’ve been living in your home forever, you may not have noticed the broken fence or the overgrown rose bushes. You, as the homeowner, may not be the best person to judge how your house appears to the rest of the world. Before selling your home, try getting some expert advice from a reputable landscaping company.